Solo show: Tomáš Kubík – Michelangelo in Lockdown

Solo show: Tomáš Kubík – Michelangelo in Lockdown, Art Mozaika Gallery, Prague

15.3. – 30.4.2021

At the exhibition, Tomáš Kubík presents two of his recent series of paintings – The Project Michelangelo cycle and The Death and the Maiden cycle, as well as the Renaissance Document portrait series and a number of drawings. The author very quickly worked his way up from landscape painting and hyperrealistic still lifes to contemporary figurative paintings inspired by the Renaissance and Mannerism, and became a recognizable artist.

In The Project Michelangelo cycle, Tomáš Kubík was inspired by his admiration and study of the work of Michelangelo Buonarroti. The result is impressive large-format paintings painted using the classical oil painting technique, in which the viewer finds references to the present, such as tattoos or other hidden details.

The Death and Girl cycle is a set of paintings that were created in an unconventional way, when the author used real “sculptures” – realistic plaster casts – as a template. The result is very plastic paintings that develop the popular Baroque themes of Vanitas and Memento mori.

The exhibition is complemented by a painting of Máří Magdaléna, with which Tomáš Kubík took part in a large survey of European figurative art in Barcelona, ​​as well as a number of drawings and sketches.

MgA.Tomáš Kubík studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of classical painting techniques of prof. Zdenek Berana and in the intermediate studio of prof. Milan Knížák. He specializes mainly in realistic figure painting.

In his portfolio we can also find a number of other painting genres and techniques (still life, landscape painting, pastel, line drawing, etc.). His greatest inspiration is the Renaissance and Baroque periods, the paintings of the old masters, where he finds qualities that are often lacking in “contemporary” painting. Tomáš Kubík’s paintings can be seen in the collections of NG in Prague and in the private collections of art lovers around the world.